Aphanius shirini
  • Persian name Gurmahi-e-khosro shirin, Gurmahi Shirin, Mahi-e-gurekhari-e-khosro shirin, Kapoor-e-Dandandar-e-Khosro shirin
  • English name Aphanius shirini
  • Key features Both males and females differ from all other Iranian inland Aphanius species. The males of the new species can be distinguished by having only 7–13 clearly defined white flank bars, which is the lowest number of flank bars among the Iranian inland Aphanius species.( Aphanius sophiae has 13-16 bars).
  • Conservation status The drought in recent years, water pollution, habitat degradation, construction of rainbow trout farms, and the introduction of invasive species into the Aphanius shirini habitat can reduce its population in the Kor basin. Therefore, study of the biology of this fish including reproduction, food and nutritional habits, age determination, and its distribution and habitat along with providing conservation programs can provide researchers and managers with sufficient information to protect this valuable genetic reserve, conserve biodiversity and manage the habitat. It has not yet been evaluated by IUCN (IUCN 2015) but may be listed as DD (Data Deficient).
  • Habitat and distribution This species is endemic to Fars province and can be found in the altitudes of Zagros Mountains in the upstream of Kor River (Kor basin).