Collared Pratincole
  • Persian name Gelariol Bal Sorkh
  • English name Collared Pratincole
  • Scientific name Glareolapratincola
  • Family Glareolidae
  • Morphology Body length:25 cm. Its dark brown wings are long and narrow, The black, forked tail and the wings have rust-colored linings, and the belly and rump are white. The short, hooked beak is black with a red base, and legs are black and short. Distinctive band of black plumage that runs around the sandy brownthroat, from eye to eye, gives the appearance of a necklace or a collar. It has dark brown wings and the underwing coverts are brownish red in color.
  • Ethology It is an insectivore, most seen when it feeds on insects. It moves and stops fast.