Turcinoemacheilus hafeziTurcinoemacheilus hafezi
  • Persian name Jouybar mahi-e-sangi Háfez
  • English name Turcinoemacheilus hafezi
  • Key features It is distinguished from both other species of Turcinoemacheilus by having the anus situated in a more posterior position, anus to anal-fin origin is closer in distance than anus to pelvic-fin origin and scales are completely absent.
  • Conservation status The Turcinoemacheilus hafe-zi populations are low and it is suggested that biology, ecology and exact distribution be investigated. This species is considered an endemic species in Iran and it is very valuable in terms of conservation of genetic resources. This species has not yet been assessed by the IUCN (IUCN, 2015).
  • Habitat and distribution Turcinoemacheilus hafe-zi is known from the Karoun and Dez River drainages. It was collected in rivers and larger streams with clear water and swift current. This species is reported in the upstream of Bashar River (Tang-e-Tizab, Sepidan) in Fars province.