Turcinoemacheilus saadii
  • Persian name Juybar mahi-e-sangi saadi
  • English name Turcinoemacheilus saadii
  • Key features This species can be diagnosed from other congeners by its unique color pattern consisting of 7-9 distinct dark saddles never forming a lateral stripe. It further differs from other species by the distance from anus to anal-fin origin 0.4-0.5 times in the distance from pelvic-fin to anal-fin origins;
  • Conservation status The populations of this species are low and it is suggested that biology, ecology and its exact distribution be investigated. This species is considered as an endemic species in Iran and it is very valuable in terms of conservation of genetic resources. This species has not yet been evaluated by the IUCN (IUCN, 2015).
  • Habitat and distribution It has been collected from Karoon and Karkheh basins so far and is found in river habitats and streams with fast-running water and substrate consisting of coarse gravel and boulders. This species has been reported in Fars Province from the upstream of the Bashar River (Tang Tizab, Sepidan).