Cyprinion tenuiradius
  • Persian name Kapour-e-Ghareaghaj, Butek-e-Ghareaghaj, Lutek-e-Ghareaghaj
  • English name Cyprinion tenuiradius
  • Key features Distribution and weak spines of the dorsal fin of Cyprinion tenuiradius distinguish it from other species of this genus. Dorsal fin spine in Cyprinion macrostomum has developed a sharp, tooth-like structure along the spine, including the tip of it.
  • Conservation status This species is endemic to Fars and Bushehr provinces and is found only in the Mond and helleh (Persis) basin. Due to recent drought, habitat degradation and environmental pollution, the implementation of the conservation and management plan is imperative to prevent a reduction in the size of its current population. It is recommended that biology and ecology of this species be investigated. This has not been assessed by IUCN so far.
  • Habitat and distribution It is reported in the basins of the Kor River, Maharlou Lake and Persis (Abdoli, 2000). The recent specimens were collected from the Persis Basin (Mond, helle, kal basins and Qare aghaj, Shapur, Shirin Jareh rivers), upstream of the Mehran basin (Teimori, 2006). The populations of the upstream region (Shapur River) and downstream, Helle basin (Borazjan county) show different characteristics in some of the Meristic traits. It seems that the high elevation between these two regions is responsible for such changes. In some morphological characteristics, Populations in Shapour River are alike C. macrostomum and in some other features, are similar to C. tenuiradius.